Iran Touring & Tourism Investment Company (ITTIC)



Iran Touring & Tourism Investment Company (ITTIC) was founded in 2000 in keeping with the decision adopted by the special representatives to the  then Iranian President relative to assignment of a certain portion of the ownership of properties and assets of the Iran Touring and Tourism Organization together with their other rights, privileges, obligations, facilities, equipment, terrains and premises whether accommodation, reception, recreational and sporting together with the shares owned by the said Organization in terms of the Iran  Guesthouses Development Company (the mentioned shares where distributed equally between Civil Servants Pension Organization and Social Security Organization. ITTIC started operating in the fields of touring and tourism industry development in accordance with its Articles of Association as outlined below.                                             

1- Presentation of managerial, financial and administrative services together with  administration, construction, acquisition, lease, hiring, purchase, exploitation, sale,  maintenance and repair of any touring and tourism facilities as well as offering welfare services such as hotels, restaurants, resting places and the like.

2- Conduction of appropriate steps to attract travelers and tourists either Iranian or foreign.

3- Construction and exploitation of urban and interurban restaurants together with their ancillary facilities.

4- Investment, partnership and attraction of capital of domestic or foreign origin in the above-mentioned fields.

5- Conduction of any operation and transaction which is  related with the  issues mentioned in paragraphs 1- 4 above, either directly or indirectly .

Immediately after its establishment, organization and settlement of affairs, and as a first move following the stabilization of its legal and financial ownership over its properties, premises, facilities and assets mentioned above, the Company embarked on founding the first and largest chain of services in terms of accommodation and reception in Iran under the title “ Iran Touring and Tourism Guesthouses Chain “ in a bid to upgrade and extend its domain of activities in Iran on the one hand, and to get access to the touring scene at the international level, to introduce the multifarious and diverse monuments, sites and attractions whether cultural, social or natural, to improve occupation generation, to acquire income in foreign exchanges and to materialize desirable and optimal exploitation of the national assets and resources on the other, owing to the extensive distribution range of our accommodation and reception facilities all over Iran, our well-pondered mechanisms, strategies and preparations, which were accessible in the near future, our betterment and upgrading of services both on quality and quantity levels and, last but not least, our taking benefit of the services of our experienced and devoted personnel.  



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